Social Intranet – The Intersection Diagram

Often in SharePoint 2010 implementations we see Portals, Team sites and Social sites being treated as separate conceptual entities. Although they have their own merits and add specific value individually, it is in “the intersection” where we find the ideal balance of flexibility, context and business alignment for open collaboration. Furthermore, in the intersection, the user experience allow us to easily flow between the different spheres and levels of formality.

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7 Responses to Social Intranet – The Intersection Diagram

  1. […] relationnelles, transactionnelles…), je vous propose ce très bon schéma d’Alex Dowbor : Social Intranet, The Intersection Diagram. L’intranet social à l’intersection des outils […]

  2. […] segnalo questo bellissimo schema di Alex Dowbor, che sintetizza in modo illuminante il ruolo delle intranet sociali, come bilanciamento e […]

  3. […] Here’s Alex’s diagram: Amplify’d from […]

  4. […] parece muy interesante cruzar esta visión con el diagrama que propone Alex Dowbor en su blog, en la que cruza el concepto de “portal” (al estilo Sharepoint) con el concepto de […]

  5. […] and ties it in a neat little bow,  avoiding information silos which could be costly. This graph gives a great visual of how the Social Intranet can streamline the Enterprise work […]

  6. […] seems to have a different opinion, from a human-centred platform, to the intersection between portals, team sites and social sites, to a system that ties the business’s processes and data to the employee’s social […]

  7. owinston says:

    This is such a short article yet the simple use of the diagram says it all. You were right that a successful intranet comes from the balance between the social sites, team sites and portals. Here is an article ( that I think supports this article of yours. Come give it a peek!

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